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German version
Inside the Café Schuler

... is it friendly and spacious. You'll find alcoves, a winter garden, big tables and small tables for your next meeting. Enjoy the service of our vigilant attendances. We offer seats for 180 people in a modern coffeehouse atmosphere, looking for a place to relax and enjoy.
The garden side of the Café Schuler:

The pedestrian area “Marktstraße” of Bad Tölz is also very often called “ the most beautiful festival room of Upper Bavaria”. When you get served the delicacies  outside, you will experience the flair of Bad Tölz: you may meet the famous “Cop of Tölz ” (tv-series) as well as a pretty woman, proudly presenting her new “dirndl dress”. If the weather is fine you will feel like in a cinema in the market street. You can sit down on one of the 130 seats with a view over the daily life between the Isar bridge and the old town hall.