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German version
Example for our choice of cakes:
The assortment of daily fresh baked cakes includes approximately 40 different kinds.
We got well known by our  classic cakes, like: "Prinzregententorte", "Zuger cherry", "Cherrycake of the blackforest" - chocolate pie with cherries, "mocca-meringue", "citricroulades", "cream of japan", "raspberry-yoghourt-cream", "nut-rum-pie" and our popular bee sting cake (Bienenstich). And around Chrismas there is nothing better than our handmade Christmas stollen (cake), gingerbread cake, pyramid cake (Baumkuchen) and the lovely Christmas biscuits (Plätzchen).
Delicious cakes and pastries:
The high quality of our products is most important in our cafe. Because of this philosophy we do NOT use: convenience products, completed pastry, no preservatives, non bionomic ingredients, no margarine. We exclusively use natural basic materials, fresh eggs and butter. Since 1953! Our clients know that this is characteristic for our café and so they come from far away to taste our sweet specialities. All pies, cakes and  biscuits are made by master hand and based on old family tradition. In a time of fast food our customers guerdon vigorous efforts for holding the high standart of our products.