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German version
Menue Sample

Pancake soup
· Schnitzel à la Vienna
· Boiled beef with horseradish
· Variations of noodles
· Oven fresh roasted pork
· Omelet with bacon and salad
· Salad of chicken breast

· Plate of salad with mozzarella,
  tomatoes, pineapple and chicken
  breast fillet
Our Special Lunch

Our café offers a solid, hot meal from Tuesday to Saturday during 10:30 a.m. to 14:30 p.m, too. Just like we deal with our sweet delicacies, there are no compromises accepted regarding to the freshness and the quality of  our meals. All stir fried meals are exclusively cooked with clarified butter(and NOT in a deep fat fryer!) the menu of the day varies according to the different vegetables of the seasons.