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While Erwin Schuler was experimenting in the bakery on new recipes of pastry, cakes and filled chocolates, his wife Dora was taking care of the shop and the café. Dora Schuler (nee Rest) was the daughter of another café of competition in Bad Tölz, where Mister Schuler had spent part of his apprenticeship.
Since 1967 the café is driven as a “day café”. The trend of the times showed that the people preferred to seat outside (while the weather is fine) than inside – and then, since 1981, when the Markstraße had been converted into a pedestrian area, the café activities are taking place mostly outside, while the weather is fine, under huge umbrellas.
Since the 1. of November 2005 their daughter Doris is guiding the café, still following the same tradition as her father, Erwin Schuler, who died Febr. 23rd, 2015.

A Family Story
1953, when the people recently had reached a certain level of prosperity and could enjoy a piece of cake again, Dora and Erwin Schuler opened a pastry shop in their own house in the market-street in Bad Tölz. Or to be more precise a café with dancing, because until 1967 they offered live music daily. Especially the US-soldiers based at the Flint barracks took advantage of the “flirt factor” to invite the attractive “Fräuleins” to have a cup of coffee. But first of all is has always been the excellent, constant quality of the “sweet” offers, that has created a firm  “fan club”  of generations of convinced customers, through the last half century.
The master of confection Erwin Schuler gained his profound knowledge in many famous houses. His slogan has always been: “Always the best for the guest”.